About Eliminator Sports

Eliminator Sports was founded from a niche product for a mass sports market.  

It all started during the Australian Tennis Open. Maria Sharapova was playing with a wrist injury that caused her to continuously pause the game. This sparked the idea for the Eliminator Sports glove. 

This initial idea was created for one specific market but since product development Eliminator Sports have found a mass sports market for the product.

The Eliminator glove is made up of 3 components:

1: A neoprene palm grip that allows the user with shock absorbing and grip for the palm area. 

2: An inner compression garment that stabilizes the wrist during repetitive movement.

3: As adrenaline builds up the out sweatband helps wipe and absorb perspiration.  

Combining three sports industry related products into one seamless glove, we have created a multi-purpose advanced sports glove that has now allowed Eliminator Sports to enter into the international sports apparel markets.

The main strengths of the business include;

  • The unique nature of the Eliminator Glove; there is currently no product like it available.
  • By creating a new glove product for diverse markets has allowed Eliminator Sports to create an apparel line to compliment the glove into the international sport-related apparel markets. 

The business is involved in the conceptualisation, development, branding, marketing and distribution of new sports products. The first of such products is the Eliminator Glove.  The Eliminator Glove integrates aspects of existing products and materials to develop a light weight comfortable glove to support people who undertake activities that require consistent use of their hands and wrist